You Don't Have To Watch A Boring Yule Log This Holiday Season

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Screenshot: Hoonigan

Every year it’s the same shtick, you don your gay apparel, go to the home of someone you’re related to, overindulge on bland meats and candy canes, argue about politics, then go home to forget all about it with a jug of alcohol in front of the blessed Yule Log. Except you don’t actually have a fireplace, so you play the boring-as-shit one on Netflix or something.


This year you can warm your cold cynical heart with the flames from a pair of giant turbochargers. The Hoonigans have the Yule Log video you actually want to watch.

While filming for Gymkhana Ten last year, the tire slaying Ken Block spent a lot of time shredding his Hoonicorn in a warehouse, which made for lots of great flame-spitting action. The video edit team then put all of the flame shooting sequences into slow motion, threw in some slick edits, and set the whole thing to a bells-and-electric-guitars medley of holiday favorite songs.

When I saw this pop up on YouTube I thought it would be super dumb, but it actually rips pretty hard. I’ll be queuing this up on Christmas morning over a cup of cocoa before my wife and I head to our traditional casino buffet lunch. I smell a new addition to our tradition. HooniYule.

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I’m struggling to judge the new layout. The main content switched from the right side of the screen to the left, it’s like after 30 years of marriage, your wife wants to switch side of the bed, it doesn’t hurt anything, but just odd. But it might be good to my spine I guess, I used to lean on my right arm when I read Jalopnik, now I lean on my left arm, so it might balance out?