It's Almost 2020 And You Can Still Buy A New Dodge Dart

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We’re two weeks from 2020, which probably makes you, like the rest of us, feel a mix of both despair and the creeping of old age from your joints through every other part of your body. But there is some good news, even if it comes in a small dose: You can still buy a brand-new Dodge Dart.


You can, according to Autotrader, buy six of them if you want—all from the 2016 model year. The range of opportunities is wide with the Dart.

The Dart, you might recall, hasn’t been “new” in a while. Its modern iteration barely lasted a handful of years before dying in 2016, a victim of being an uncompetitive car in an increasingly undesirable segment. Even the car market of 2016 was making its way toward the full-out crossover and SUV craze we’re in now. But it’s still a charming little thing, even if that’s only because we all feel bad for it. (It’s not.)

Dodge has sold 13 new Darts this year as of its Q3 sales report in October, compared to 379 by that time last year. That means “new” 2016 Darts aren’t all just sitting around—people are actually buying them after years on dealer lots, even in small numbers. In March, a month before 300,000 Darts got recalled for rollaway risk, Autotrader had 22 Darts in the U.S. listed as new. Now, there are only the aforementioned six on Autotrader, and even fewer on other car-buying sites.

That Dart is a hot commodity (in a relative sense), and the supply is only getting smaller (even if it was small already).

The Dodge Dart deserved better than its short, rather ignored life, but if there’s any consolation, it’s that a few new versions of the car have managed to survive all the way through the end of the 2010s. That gives at least six of us a chance to redeem us for the neglect we as a population showed the Dart.

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I don’t know what it is about the last Dodge Dart, but it’s always eye-catching in person. It doesn’t stand out that much in a photo, so it’s got to be something subtle about the dimensions and the lines. It just looks clean and solid, in a way other small cars often don’t.