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Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Chevy S10 is a border-spanning custom that could very well bring Canada and the U.S. closer together. Let’s see if it also comes with just as diplomatic a price tag.

Italy has been an auto-producing nation for almost 120 years. The country’s first series-production car, the 1899 Fiat 4HP, may have totaled but eight units its debut year, but it was a start.


Out of that auspicious beginning, Italy became an automotive powerhouse, hosting such lauded marques as Ferrari, Lancia and the subject of yesterday’s discussion, Alfa Romeo. The 1993 Alfa Romeo 164 S we considered was representative of the last Alfa to be sold in the U.S. before the company went on a long hiatus here. The car was appealing in the way nicely maintained Alfas are, and at $5,200 it was seen as a decent value too, earning itself a solid 70 percent Nice Price win.

As most of you are probably aware, an international incident occurred at this week’s NATO Summit in London. What happened was a gaggle of leaders from other nations, led by Canada’s hunky Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, were caught dissing Donald Trump, apparently causing him to make an early exit from the gathering. Oh my god, it’s just like Mean Girls and Trudeau is such a Regina! Also, French President Emmanuel Marcon, stop trying to make ‘le fetch’ happen!

The problem for the U.S. with being in a spat with Canada is that we’re backyard neighbors. We’re always going to be running into each other when taking out the trash or mowing the lawn, and then how do we act?


Well, here’s a solution to patching up these issues and perhaps healing some bruised egos. This 1985 Chevy S10 pickup truck carries livery emblematic of both Canada and the U.S.. That makes it the perfect symbol of our two nations’ long and lasting friendship and joint love of maple syrup. It’s also a pickup which as everyone knows is America’s jam so it’s the perfect peace offering.

Now, in all… seriousness? Is that the word I’m looking for here? Whatever, this truck is wonderfully weird and probably targeted at a small but very specific audience—those who hold affinity for both neighbor nations and also like hot-rodded pickup trucks.


The truck is an extended-cab long-bed, which provides all the more space for its, unique to say the least, cross-border color scheme. That custom paint seems to be in great shape and patriotic no matter which side of the Detroit River you might find yourself.


Beneath that is some custom bodywork, including not one but two spoilers, shaved door handles, and the bedside tail lamps replaced by Corvette ZR1 lamps in the rear valance. Fat tires on chrome billets fill the wheel wells and the whole thing sits hunkered down, giving it a purposeful appearance.


There’s some go to accompany that show too. The engine is a 350 CID V8 and according to the ad that makes it a “very quick little Truck.” The engine bay could stand some sprucing up as the wiring looks a little slip-shot, but it’s not too rough. Some form of automatic transmission backs the engine up and is engaged via a Hurst T-handle shifter on the floor of the tidy interior. Also taking up residence there are a pair of what look to be Camaro seats and a Grant steering wheel. An aftermarket head unit provides the tunage.


There are 100,000 kilometers on the truck and it appears to sport a clean title. It’s being offered in Alberta, Canada but considering it’s basically an American truck and is over 25 years old there should be little trouble with it emigrating to the U.S. if that is its buyer’s wont.

And what would that wont cost? The asking is $5,000 in Canada’s fabulously artistic money, which, in good old U.S. bucks, equates to about $3,799.


Does that seem like a small price to pay to repair international relations? Who knew diplomacy could be so easy? What do you think, is this Custom S10 worth that $5K asking? Or, is that price yet another U.S./Canadian flap?

You decide!


Alberta, CA Kijiji, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Colin Schulte for the hookup!

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