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Chihuahua Absconds With Car, Drives Across Road

Gif: Slidell Police Department

Everyone thought it was going to be the cats that took over—not the machines, war, or any other apocalyptic threat. “Why are you a cat person?” people ask, reminding me that dogs have owners and cats have servants. “Don’t you know they’re just sizing you up for a coup?” But at least I’ll have the last laugh before our new overlords take over, because it won’t be the cats. It’ll be the dogs.


That’s right. The threats come from whence you least expect them.

Around the same time we all read reports of a dog in Florida putting its owner’s car into reverse and doing circles in a cul-de-sac, the Slidell Police Department in Louisiana posted on Facebook that it, too, had a doggie driver.


The department first posted about the event on Friday and said on Facebook that a couple stopped to pump gas when the chihuahua inside of the SUV put it into reverse. The dog and the SUV went across a four-lane road before stopping at a gas station across the street, the post said.

The department said on Facebook that a mechanical issue on the SUV let the transmission slip into reverse without a foot on the brake, and that the owner sustained a minor injury while trying to chase after the vehicle.

A video posted by the department shows that the SUV managed to avoid being hit by any other cars when it crossed the road, which the department called “a miracle.” What isn’t a miracle is how all of these dogs are managing to put cars into reverse, as you know what they say: First come the driving abilities, then comes the world domination.


It’s the dogs, everyone. It’s always been the dogs.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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Why was the engine running if she was pumping gas?