What Unfulfilled Future Product Rumor Left You Flat?

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I love the product rumors you see in automobile publications, the wilder the better. It’s exciting when they turn out correct, even if it takes a long time to actually confirm, but it’s almost even better when they’re wrong, even if the rumored product was almost guaranteed to be amazing.

The reason I bring this up is that I was looking for pictures of the Lexus LF-A for... personal reasons and I camee across this Autoblog article from 2009. According to them, Lexus was considering shoehorning the LF-A’s V10 into the GS to build a competitor for the E60 BMW M5, which you might remember also had a wild V10 inside. It’s a compelling idea, but it never happened and that’s a shame.

Of course, I’m not immune to this. A few months back, I wrote up a Toyota van called the TJ that was reportedly coming in production guise to the Tokyo Auto Show this year. And guess what? It was a no-show. No new van came around. I don’t know whether it was actually in planning or whether it was completely unsubstantiated. We may never know.


So what about you? Do you remember any rumored cars that were supposed to be due for production? Which were your favorites? Which left you disappointed? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to include pictures and links to the reports if you can find them.

Max Finkel is a Weekend Contributor at Jalopnik.

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