Comment Of The Day: Chill Out About 'Brand Dilution' Edition

Composite by the author
Composite by the author
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I totally understand getting riled up about trivial details in the automotive world. Many of us are car nerds, after all. But I still found the intense vocality of people who were mad about the Ford Mustang Mach-E’s name kind of funny.

Check out Gitmuny’s “hot take,” which is actually not hot take at all, in fact, it’s quite a level-headed and reasonable take, which is why they’re getting a shoutout here:


I do think it’s a little goofy that this will be called Mustang, but I also don’t really care, and I feel like, neither should you. Does it really hurt the front-engine rear-drive American-icon Mustang coupes that another very different car shares the name? I say nay. And neigh. We’re talking horses here, after all.

Did the existence of the Cayenne ruin the 911? Is my Montero less cool because it shares an emblem with the Mirage? (Well, you might think so, hah!)

It’s all going to be fine. Well, until our infrastructure as we know it crumbles and renders V8-powered sports cars effectively unobtainable or unusable. Then we’ll all have something to bitch about.

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Andrew Fails

Is the name dumb?


Are most car buyers dumb?


Does anyone care about the name outside of angry internet commenters?


Am I dumb for expressing an opinion on the internet when I should have really learned better by this point?

All signs point to yes.