Chevrolet C8 Corvette Bows Down To Its New Lord: Snow

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Look, I get it. For many cars, snow is kryptonite. You lose grip, the weight transfer gets all funny and you can’t really steer or brake well. Each year, snowy conditions claim countless cars, and not even the C8 Chevrolet Corvette is godly enough to escape the snow’s wrath.


Yesterday, Michigan got at least six inches of snow in certain parts. Some cars weren’t ready for it. One of them was this mid-engine Corvette.

Reader Michael sent in this short clip of the poor Corvette “downtown on I-75 north” that he shot this morning. The car is facing the other way, presumably because it spun out and landed in the snowdrift. It might have even hit the wall. And it was wearing what appears to be a Michigan plate.

But seeing as the production of the mythical mid-engine wonder has been delayed due to the UAW strike, I’m fairly certain this was not a customer-owned Corvette. More likely, it was a General Motors test car and the driver just had a very unfortunate morning.


I’d be curious to see what kind of tires the car was wearing. Also, its rear-drive setup probably didn’t do it any favors, either.

Be safe out there, everyone.

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“Good Tires”, Bob mused, casually lighting a cigarette, “But certainly not great tires.”