The Nissan Global Time Attack TT 370Z Is The 370Z To End All 370Zs

All image credits: Nissan

It’s SEMA time, so you all know what that means. Ridiculous aftermarket parts and hugely modified, one-off cars that we’ll never be able to buy or own ourselves. Like this Nissan Global Time Attack TT 370Z. At least it looks cool and makes a lot of power.

Working with Z1 Motorsports, Nissan created this 370Z Time Attack race car that it intends to use throughout the 2020 season, according to a press release. From the 3.7-liter V6 now comes over 750 horsepower, thanks to Garrett GTX 3076 turbochargers, a race exhaust system and improved fuel management and electronics systems. There’s also a six-speed sequential transmission, a Tilton custom clutch and a Nismo GT-R Pro 1.5-way differential.


The car uses a stripped-out 370Z chassis, and from there it’s got a full cage inside for rigidity and safety, as well as a carbon fiber front splitter, rear diffuser, sideboards and a wing I could use as a standing desk.

Inside, there’s only one race seat that’s made from carbon fiber, since the objective of a Time Attack car is to be low weight. You can’t bring friends along in this one, because friends are heavy and will cost you time. (I’d argue the right kind of friends will only cost you time, not money, but that’s a discussion for later.)

Other Time Attack-y parts include a custom-built steering and suspension system using Nismo racing parts. There’s a Brembo brake system, a Nismo radiator and “multiple” oil, differential cooling and transmission systems. The whole thing rides on a set of Rays gunmetal, aluminum-alloy wheels and Yokohama performance tires.


Past SEMAs have also shown us cool 370Zs that we can never buy or own, so I’m not too torn up this year over the 370Z Time Attack car. It is a full-blown race car, after all. I have no use for one of those, thank you very much, since I have a REAL JOB that involves CARS but not RACING TIME ATTACK CARS anytime that I WANT.

But even I have to admit this is one of the coolest 370Zs I’ve ever seen. The color palette and go-fast bits almost make you forget they’re all attached a car that debuted, like, 10 years ago.


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