The correct number of cylinders if your goal is to simply create an engine that sounds good is undoubtedly twelve. There has never been a bad-sounding V12, and it is unlikely that such a thing could even be made.

Of all the good-sounding V12s out there, none are more good-sounding than one assembled by a gang of mid-to-late-1980s Italians.

The sound of a four-valves-per-cylinder fuel injected Lamborghini Countach is unmistakable for anything else in the world. It makes a noise all its own. This one, owned by The Smoking Tire himself Matt Farah, has a period-fitted Al Burtoni exhaust to make the whole thing sound just a little bit better.


Matt has been known to do these “just the noise” videos from time to time, and I personally believe this is the best of them. Just press play and revel in the amazing sounds created by this raspy doorstop with an HVAC system’s worth of ducts. Enjoy your weekend, folks.

Jalopnik contributor with a love for everything sketchy and eclectic.

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How about four V-12's at once: