Stephen Strasburg Also Won A C8 Corvette But He'll Have To Wait To Drive It

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Chevrolet gave a new C8 Corvette to the World Series’ most valuable player this year, which happened to be Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg. It’s the first-ever mid-engine Corvette and also the first-ever Nationals win in the World Series, so it fits well. But Strasburg won’t get the car right away.

Strasburg won the car as part of the MVP award, with one marched out on the field for photo ops and such. (Those ops could have been better, since all of the Getty Images ones are at angles that kind of make the car look like a fish with its mouth open. But hey, no one asked me to stage them.) Car and Driver reports that Chevrolet said the car he’s standing next to is “representative of” the one he’ll get, but since the C8 isn’t in production yet, he’ll have to wait until early 2020 to actually get his prize.


This all rang vaguely familiar to me, as Mom said on the phone the other night while watching the game that there was “a Corvette on the field.” I thought she was either joking or watching something other than baseball without noticing that she changed the channel, because she barely pays attention to the World Series despite demanding to watch every game each year (I assume it happens yearly), since it’s a “big sports event.”

She’s like this with all “big sports events,” to the point that earlier in the World Series, she sat down to watch and didn’t realize until about five innings in that it was a replay broadcast because of weather or something. I watched one game with her, where she tried to explain to me what “errors” in baseball were. I’m not convinced she knew what errors in baseball were.

I argued that we should change it to Halloweentown. I lost.

But the Nationals won, and Strasburg won a new C8 Corvette. I hope he likes it, whenever he does get it.

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Shane Morris

I just realized this seeing Strasburg next to it, but the C8 has a REALLY high beltline. I’m wondering how visibility will be, looking out of the sides of the car.

I never used to pay attention to how high doors were, but my friend Jim brought it to my attention a few years ago. It’s not about visibility out, but also whether people can see in.

My friend Jim, his full name is Jim Spanfeller, he said you always need to make sure the car you’re buying has tall doors, that way you can discreetly masturbate while parked outside of a middle school, and the higher beltline will hide what you’re doing.

Granted, you don't have to masturbate outside of a middle school. Jim said he likes to jerk off just about everywhere, which is why I think he was so excited about all the C8 coverage on Jalopnik. In fact, I'd wager it was probably Jim Spanfeller himself encouraging all the Jalopnik writers to cover the C8 almost daily.