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By now we all know that Ford is planning to unveil an all-new battery-electric SUV based on Mustang design cues. The little teaser line-drawing they released shows Mustang-style triple-bar taillights and I suppose some Mustang-ish character lines there. One thing yet to be decided, though, is the name. I’m assuming they’ll want a name that evokes its Mustang inspiration while touting its SUV and electric qualities, too. This isn’t an easy task.

So far, we’ve heard Ford was considering calling it Mach 1, after the famous Mustang version, though that name seems to have been dropped. Mach-E seems to be the current frontrunner, but that’s not set in stone, as far as we can tell.


So, perhaps we have a small window to try to think up something better, before Ford screws it up with something stupid like EcoStangBoost-E. It’s gotta be a name that references Mustangs, perhaps directly as a horse, and SUV-ness, and electric.

There actually are some references to the concept of an electric horse in the past, but they tended to have names like “Electric Horse,” which probably won’t focus group well.


So, it’s up to us to think of something better. Maybe it doesn’t have to be so direct? Maybe it can be more evocative? I think it will need pretty direct Mustang associations, though, since that’s the fundamental design concept behind the car.

Here’s some electric-Mustang-SUV name ideas to get your brains all lubed up and ready:



Mock Mach 1

Clydesdale (for the bigger SUC feel?)






MuskTang (leverage the associations with Elon and EVs while keeping the name sounding almost the same!)

We’ve seen some comments in other posts suggesting Ford’s old Galaxie name for this, which would be great, but I think confusing with the Mustang heritage angle.


This is a tricky naming job, I think. If they wanted to do a deep cut, they could call it the T6, since the Mustang was called the T5 in some European countries:


Maybe the TX5, or TE5? T5-E? Who am I kidding, nobody’s gonna know what the fuck that means.

Anyway, I think if anyone can solve this riddle, you people can: what should Ford call an electric Mustang-inspired SUV? I’ll make sure Ford hears whatever you pick.

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