The 2020 VW Golf MK VIII Is Highly Digitized And Has Five Hybrid Variants In Europe

All images by the manufacturer
All images by the manufacturer
Photo: VW

The eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf, which you’ll see called “MK VIII,” has officially bowed in Europe with gas, diesel, hybrid and natural-gas burning powertrains. No word on a performance GTI or R variant yet; VW is pushing high-tech connectivity first.


Also, that strange techno-mustard color car companies were launching stuff in a decade ago appears to be back. Remember? BMW called it “Phoenix Yellow,” Honda had a version called “Euro Yellow,” this looks a little different but it’s the first thing I thought of. Though I guess the Arteon was launched with something similar, too.

Anyway, a small dose of information about the new Golf has gone up on VW’s British media site but not its American one as of this writing, so the “what” and “when” regarding the car’s U.S. release remains to be determined. I dropped VW’s people a line and will update this story if they come through with any clarification.

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Meanwhile, here’s what European VW customers can expect with the new Golf:

“The drive options for the new Golf also include a [gasoline] (TSI), diesel (TDI) and natural gas drive (TGI), two four-cylinder petrol engines with 66 kW / 90 PS and 81 kW / 110 PS, two four-cylinder diesel engines with 85 kW / 115 PS and 110 kW / 150 PS, and a TGI with 96 kW / 130 PS The new TSI variants have particularly low consumption values and emissions thanks to elements including the innovative TSI Miller combustion process. An innovation in the TDI powertrains: Volkswagen uses twin-dosing technology (two SCR catalytic converters) to significantly reduce nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx) by up to 80 percent; in addition, TDI consumption is lowered by up to 17 percent compared with its predecessor.”

A 48V lithium-ion battery will be part of a mild hybrid system that VW claims cuts fuel consumption by “up to 10 percent” from the outgoing Golf, and this eTSI trim will be available in three “output stages” rated to 110 metric horsepower, 130 PS and 150 PS. That translates to about 109 HP, 128 HP and 148 HP respectively.

VW also pitches Car2X connectivity with the new Euro-spec Golf, meaning that Golfs will be able to patch into the Car2X network which includes some traffic signals and other cars to get and share relevant driver notifications.


Here’s a little more info on what that’s all about:

Safety and efficiency are fine I suppose, but I’m eagerly awaiting what the new Golf interior looks like with plaid seats and a confirmation that the next GTI will still come with a stick. Or, maybe an eGolf GTI combining sporty suspension and decorations with electric propulsion? Eh?


If you’re looking for more images of the 2020 Golf, the whole crop went out yesterday!

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I wish my ‘99 Jetta's reliability didn’t color my wife’s opinion of current VWs, or I’d suggest this to replace my current vehicle.