Photo: Koenigsegg

Last month, the Koenigsegg Regera beat Koenigsegg’s previous record time for accelerating from 0 kph to 400 kph and braking back to 0, which had beaten the time the Bugatti Chiron set back in 2017. Now there’s more evidence that not only did they not fake it, but it also sounded super weird.


My one complaint for the video showing the Koenigsegg Regera’s record-setting time of 31.49 from 0 kph to 400 kph (or roughly 249 mph) and back to 0 was that it was over edited and slightly misleading, all for dramatic effect.

That sort of video is fine as long you can prove you did it all in one take, and now Koenigsegg has released a second video proving just that:

By far the most impressive aspect of Koenigsegg’s new record is that it was done with a single gear. The Regera doesn’t have a traditional gearbox with multiple gears. It has three electric motors paired with a twin-turbo 5.0-liter V8, making a combined 1,479 HP and 1,465 lb-ft of torque and managing all of that power through a single gear with a 2.73:1 final drive.

Because of that, this video shows the car accelerating to nearly 250 mph, the engine and motors wailing in the background, with no gear shifts. It sounds bizarre, and your brain immediately registers that something seems to be missing.


From the previous video, we know the new record time was set over a distance of 1.27 miles. It only took the car 22.87 seconds to get up to 400 kph before driver Sonny Persson hit the brakes, bringing the car to a stop in just 8.62 seconds—about a third of the time it took to accelerate.

The new time of 31.49 seconds beat Koenigsegg’s own time of 36.44 seconds back in 2017, which beat the Bugatti Chiron’s time of 41.96 seconds that same year.


The horsepower wars have been pushed aside. With hybrid powertrains and electric motors, the new battles will be fought and won over acceleration. And, almost more importantly, braking power.