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I Heard A Mercedes-AMG C63 Rumor And It's Some Shit

All image credits: Mercedes
All image credits: Mercedes

The AMG variants of the Mercedes C-Class have been powered by many different engines over the years. The cars have used straight-sixes, V8s, supercharged V6s (represent) and twin-turbocharged V8s. And if this new rumor I’ve just heard is true, then Mercedes might drop the V8 in the next AMG C63 model altogether in favor of a four-banger.


Y’all, this is some shit.

The news comes via Autocar, which speculates the third-generation C63 will instead use a four-cylinder hybrid powertrain that’ll put down over 500 horsepower. The outlet also says the four-banger C63 could be the first of a bunch of AMGs that’ll get the hybrid 2.0-liter engine.


From the story:

Nothing is official at this early stage, but Affalterbach insiders with knowledge of AMG’s new model plans suggest the new four-cylinder hybrid drivetrain will match the existing second-generation C63 4Matic’s V8 engine in outright power at a maximum 503bhp. This is despite a 50% reduction in swept capacity and cylinder count. With the benefit of electric boosting, it has also been conceived to deliver up to 553lb ft of torque – a 37lb ft increase on today’s C63 S 4Matic.

Details remain scarce, although the new driveline is thought to adopt a lithium ion battery of higher capacity than the 0.9kWh unit used by the CLS 53 4Matic+. It is also expected to use a more advanced energy recuperation system that harvests kinetic energy at each wheel.

Listen. I know if this hybrid four-cylinder business winds up happening, it’ll also come with a bunch of advantages. The smaller engines are probably more efficient and technologically advanced. And they’re lighter, which is always a good thing, as the current twin-turbo V8 is pretty porky. Plus, we’re bullish on performance-oriented hybrids around here.

The M177 twin-turbo V8.
The M177 twin-turbo V8.

And this is not to say AMG’s four-cylinder engines are bad, because they are actually very good.

But man, I’m having trouble letting go of the idea of a V8 in a C63. Especially since smaller variants of the C-Class AMGs already exist. The 63 moniker (though just a name now and based on nothing) is reserved for the top echelon AMG models. The ones with the big displacement and big power.


I am but one dissenting voice, however. If Mercedes really does pull the plug on the V8, there’s nothing I can do about it, except immediately go looking for a nice C63 with the 6.2 V8 on Craigslist. Now that was a dirty beast of an engine.

We’ve reached out to Mercedes for comment and will update if we hear back.

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I wish they would go inline-six with the hybrid.