Tesla Model 3 Prices Go Up With A Slight Range Boost

Screenshots: Tesla
Screenshots: Tesla

The online configurator for the Tesla Model 3 has been updated, raising the price of the Model 3 Performance and Standard Range Plus. The latter also gets a range increase to an estimated 250 miles.


The updated 2020 Chevy Bolt got an update that boosted its range up to 259 miles, which finally gave it a slight edge against the then-240 mile range Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus. It appears Tesla may have an answer for that by boosting the Standard Range Plus up to an estimated 250 miles, though the Bolt still bests it.

Unfortunately, the Standard Range Plus range boost also comes with a price boost, with the Tesla configurator now showing the starting price of the car at $39,490 before any potential savings are factored in. That’s up $500 from the previous starting price of $38,990 before potential savings.


The Standard Range Plus is the base Model 3 available to order online, and Jalopnik has reached out to the automaker to confirm that customers can still shop for the $35,000 base-base Model 3 Standard by ordering “off-the-menu” at one of Tesla’s store locations or by calling them up over the phone to order. It’s also unclear if the Standard car also gets the slight range boost. We’ll update if anything’s changed.

The Model 3 Performance also got more expensive, according to the configurator, and is now priced $1,000 higher at $56,990 before any potential savings. Its claimed range does not appear to have changed.

Electrek also points out that new 20-inch “Gray Performance Wheels” have been added to the configurator, which seem to replace the previous silver turbine-style 20-inch Performance Wheels. The option only seems to be available on the Model 3 Performance.

Electrek theorizes the darker wheel color change may be to create better contrast after Tesla previously switched black for white as the standard paint color on the car. That kind of makes sense, and I think it looks good!

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