Someone Tell The President He Can't Actually Buy A New LeCar

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I know we sometimes give President Trump a hard time on here, but this time I gotta say he’s right. How can any American car company expect to compete against those sweet, sweet Alliances, LeCars, Encores, and Fuegos?

Oh, wait. I forgot. Renault (pronounced Ren-ALT here, “in the case of France”) hasn’t sold cars in America since, oh, 1989. Sure, they collaborated with AMC/Jeep to design the XJ Cherokee and the Eagle Premier, but as far as cars sold as Renaults, we haven’t had those for, oh, three decades.


While he’s at it, I hope we do something about Panhard et Levassor and De Dion Bouton.

There you go. That’s the big problem with the economy: we’re getting clobbered by French cars that haven’t been sold here for 30 years. I sure hope we take care of that.

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No, Yugo tell him that.