Please Buy This $6,800 Toyota Celica All-Trac So I Don't Have To

Ah, shit. There’s a Celica All-Trac for sale, and it’s only $6,800. Oh no.

Over the past few years, I have grown increasingly obsessed with old rear-wheel-drive Toyotas. Corollas. Cressidas. Crestas. Even a Carina fascination bubbles up every so often. Old cars to drive sideways on pavement.


What I have largely left behind is my desire to drive old, overpowered non-RWD Toyotas to drive sideways in the dirt. RIP my $600 Lexus ES300, five-speed manual and all, killed after running two rallycross events back-to-back.

Every so often, particularly on autumn days, I think about one moment in particular from that final weekend. A sharp right into a sharp left in an open field course, off the gas for a moment, the long Lexus sliding out beside me, right foot back down and the front wheels pulling the car straight and into the next turn.

I want that feeling again. I don’t need it, but maybe for less than seven grand, I could afford to have it.


The Celica All-Trac is not front-wheel-drive like the Lexus, but all-wheel-drive, the company’s homologation special from its all-conquering days at the top of Group A rally in the WRC. Turbocharged four-cylinder, center diff, rear diff. The good stuff.


This one is not perfect, but for $6,800, it was not going to be, as the Massachusetts Craigslist listing describes:

1991 Toyota Celica All-Trac. AWD turbo model. 5 speed manual transmission. In all original condition, never modified. Clean title & carfax report. 2 owners. Numbers matching vehicle with all original vin tags. 141k miles. Exterior in good condition. Has no rust. Interior in great condition, everything working properly.

Backstory on this car: I recently purchased it and planned on getting it back to 100% road worthy. But just purchased another vehicle that will take up my time, and also need the space. This vehicle although runs and drives, it will need work. Has been off the road for about 5 years. Currently has a small exhaust leak and coolant leak. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you already know how rare this car is..especially in it’s condition and being all original.

Price is set firm at $6,800 as-is. Email if interested. Thanks.

It is not for me to own the smooth pebble rally car with the hole in the hood. I am not the one to have the diffs. It is not my place to be thinking of anti-lag on quiet mornings, or evenings, thinking of cages, and rally entry fees, and pulling out a good interior to fit halo seats.


Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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