Comment Of The Day: Good Band Names Edition

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When was the last time a good band name was thought up while looking at a car? That’s exactly what this little exchange inspired today on the Jalopnik Blogs. When looking at the extremely good grille of the Japanese Emperor’s new Toyota Crown parade car, a few were inspired to shout with joy at how great it was. Others compared it to something Soviet, like the ZIL Limousine above.


“HELLO MINSK! We’re Massively Soviet and we’re here to make you think about death and get sad and stuff. 1-2-3-4!”


It’s about time we spent an afternoon Kinja-ing our favorite band names. I have a few I’ve written down over the years, like The Edward James Almosts, Those Responsible, Slightly More Than Jake, and Gal Fieri. You can have those, they’re free.

Anyway, Mini Mid-life Crisis, formerly Porschebago gets today’s COTD victory with assists from Teh Penguin of Doom (xD so random) and Rupert Palatipelen. Now go start a band with songs about cars or something.

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Axle Tramp” is my go-to car related band name.