Screenshot: ONSCENE TV (YouTube)

Authorities in Los Angeles got a call for “headlights tumbling down a cliff” on Mulholland Drive, one of the area’s well-known driving roads, on Sunday night and used a helicopter searchlight to find a battered McLaren that had gone off the edge of the road.

The driver was rescued, alive, and his evacuation was caught in some dramatic video.

In the description of this video from OnScene TV, it’s explained that: “Authorities responded to reports from a witness who advised they saw headlights from a vehicle tumble down a cliff in the 13700 block of Mulholland Drive in the [Beverly Crest] area around 9:25 PM.”


CBS Los Angeles covered the event and reported that the driver, a man in his 50s, “...apparently hurt his ribs, but was conscious and able to communicate with rescue crews.”

Screenshot: ONSCENE TV (YouTube)

The car looks like a McLaren 720S, an immensely powerful (over 700 horsepower) and expensive ($280,000-plus) high-performance machine, the likes of which are relatively often seen buzzing up and down Mulholland in a hurry.

I predict there will be a lot of “more dollars than sense” comments following this story, but, it really wouldn’t be hard to have this much car get away from you. There don’t seem to be any official details online yet regarding just how fast the driver was going and whether or not they were intoxicated.


Still, this is a sobering reminder to stay safe out there. Especially when you’re strapped into a supercar that’s begging you to make bad decisions.

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