I heard the original plan was to go with an ad that referenced the scouring powder that comes in the can that’s the same color green as the parmesan cheese instead of the astronomical phenomenon. I guess this was a better choice.


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Margin Of Error

Screw the Comet, let’s talk about Parmesan cheese.

Canned “parmesan” contains a fair amount of powered wood pulp, which is basically sawdust.

It’s not bad for your health (as far as a cheese-based powdery substance that can stay at room temperature for years without going bad isn’t bad for your health) but you are paying good money for sawdust-laced “parmesan”

Do yourself a favor and buy fresh Parmesan. Costco have good quality at good price. You can even freeze it, will not alter the texture that much.

Just get a Zyliss parmesan grater, never go back to industrial cheese/wood dust.