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Formula One's 2020 Season Will Have More Races Than Ever Before

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Photo: Charles Coates (Getty)

I hope y’all are ready to watch plenty of race cars in 2020, because Formula One has just released its provisional calendar, and we’re looking at there being more races next year than there have ever been in the sport’s history. Yes, you can get excited now.


Yes, race fans—next year, F1 will race at 22 different venues, including a first-ever event at Vietnam (the 34th country to host an F1 race, according to its press release) and a triumphant return to Zandvoort. That’s a new record for the series, and it’s one that promises to keep us busy with seven back-to-back race weekends.

You can check out the provisional calendar below:


There are currently 21 races on F1's calendar, which has been the case for the better part of the last few years (with some exceptions, of course). Even that seemed kind of long when it was first announced.

While 22 isn’t a huge number, it’s those back-to-backs that are really going to take their toll. I’ll watch all 36 NASCAR races in a year, no problem, but for some reason watching an F1 race takes a surprisingly huge mental toll. By the time we hit the podium, it feels like I just ran a damn mile.

One of the biggest missing links here, though, is Germany. The German GP has been in a pretty tenuous position for the past few years, and its contract hasn’t yet been renewed for another year. The race has been a calendar staple pretty much since the beginning of Grand Prix racing, but organizers just haven’t had an easy time making it happen recently.

There are currently rumors that the German GP could return in the future, albeit at a different venue. 2021 may just be even longer than next year.

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F1's travel demands are a lot higher than Nascar. I think it’s amazing how the teams manage to go from Australia to Bahrain in just two weeks with all the shit they have to ship, and they do that 4-5 times in a year. I think that’s a major technical hurdle in itself. There is someone who’s life is seriously shortened on every team that is setting all that up and coordinating it all.