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The next generation of Formula One regulations are supposed to fix the sport. We’re all well aware of how difficult passing can be in with the current specification car, as the turbulence caused by following in the wake of a car ahead makes your own aero wash out, which reduces grip and roots tires in quick time. By reducing the aero wash and the total dependence on aerodynamic grip, the hope is that the new cars will be easier to tuck up behind the car ahead to gain a draft advantage.


This week the series released footage of a theoretical 2021-legal car design testing in the Sauber (Alfa Romeo Racing) wind tunnel. We’d already seen renderings, and got a great explanation of how the new regs will work, but that isn’t quite the same as seeing the actual thing in the real. With multiple angles of the new car rolling on the static road, we can see a svelte and sexy car design, prettier than any F1 car has been for years! That’s almost as important as the racing action, if you ask me.

Gone are the long noses and too-wide front wings. The car itself looks more right-sized, with a lower and racier rear wing. My favorite is the new and simpler rear diffuser.

Illustration for article titled Heres Your First Peek At What A 2021 Spec Formula One Car Might Look Like

And those 18" wheels look so much more modern and appropriate for the series that is supposed to be the pinnacle of motorsport. Just look at that!

While it’s obvious that each team will have its own take on the design of the car, this is a really good jumping off point. I haven’t been this excited for a new season of F1 in a long time. We’ll have to trudge through another Mercedes-dominant 2020 season, but with 2021 ahead to look forward to, I’m amped as all heck to see if we’ll have more than one or two competitive teams racing.

In the meantime, we’ll always have Formula E to tide us over.

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I’m not sure that I like it. It looks really small to me.

Also, the helmet design looks really heavy and clumsy.