A Video Reminder That NASCAR Drivers Are Good As Hell

Giant ovals seem to have a way of robbing our eyes of any sensation of just how fast Cup cars are going, and it’s easy to forget just how good NASCAR drivers are at, well, driving. Here is a good bit of a throwback to fix your mind.

This clip turned up today on my Twitter thanks to the wonderful Axis of Oversteer, who I mainly see tweeting and posting to Instagram rather than running full race recaps of F1 or trackday comparos of real-world super sports cars like back when. Whatever! It’s a good clip.

This is none other than Ricky Rudd (great name) at Sears Point (now Sonoma) running some real good left-foot braking and really excellent heel-toe action. Where have I seen this kind of footwork before?


That’s right, in rally. Little question that rally drivers are among the best in the world, so leave not NASCAR drivers from that equation. Thank you and good day.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Honest question - how many people Heel-Toe with actual heel and actual toe?  I have always done it with the left and right sides of the ball of my foot.