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"I'm a Ford Truck man.
It's all I drive.
I ain't got no boundaries.
I don't compromise."

—Toby Keith

Pretty strong words for a guy who talks trash about chicks from the South — but ok, Toby Keith's got a point when it comes to a buyer of a "Super Duty" — they generally are the "no boundaries...don't compromise" type of person. And it doesn't look like this Super Duty hitting the streets in 2007 as a 2008 model (probably) plans on disappointing the crowd. At least, that's if the folks at Priddy & Co. are correct. Brenda's claiming — per PickupTruck.Com (the capital 'C" stands for their "No Compromise Attitude) — the 2008 will:

" powered by an all-new, International sourced 6.4-liter V8 turbo diesel Power Stroke, which replaces the challenged 6.0-liter PSD."

Ah, Ford Super Duty — when you just can't afford an International CXT.

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