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Public Transit Projects Cheaper Than Uber's $5.2 Billion Q2 Losses, Ranked

Illustration for article titled Public Transit Projects Cheaper Than Ubers $5.2 Billion Q2 Losses, Ranked

Uber announced a $5.2 billion loss last quarter, bringing the company’s total losses to $16.2 billion since 2016. In completely, totally unrelated news, here are some public transportation projects currently under construction in the United States that cost less than $5.2 billion individually:

  1. Chicago Red and Purple Line Modernization Project ($2.1 billion)
  2. Los Angeles Regional Connector ($1.76 billion)
  3. LA Metro Purple Line Extension Phase 1 ($3.2 billion)
  4. Minneapolis Southwest Corridor/Green Line Extension ($1.86 billion)
  5. Seattle East Link rail extension ($2.8 billion)
  6. Washington, D.C. Purple Line ($2.1 billion)
  7. Seattle Lynnwood Link ($3.07 billion)

Combined, these seven major public transportation projects are projected to cost $16.89 billion, or about four percent more than Uber’s cumulative losses since 2016.


(All project costs from The Transport Politic’s Transit Explorer tool.)

Former Senior Reporter, Investigations & Technology, Jalopnik

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Yo...MTV Raps!

Does anyone follow investment news, etc. for Uber and know what their long-term break even story is?

I gathered that they were a long way from positive numbers, but whoa... I had no idea they were that much underwater.