See The 2020 C8 Corvette's Nose Lift In Action

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Among the many cool things about the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette, the hydraulically powered nose lift that works off of GPS is probably the coolest. Most sports cars need a nose lift feature. Here is the Corvette’s in action.


As we’ve explained in the past, the new Corvette has a hydraulically-actuated front suspension lift system, which can supposedly raise the car’s ground clearance by 1.6 inches in under three seconds. And it can work while the car is traveling up to 24 mph.

Anyone who has ever gingerly crawled over a curb and winced when they heard the scrape of plastic against pavement would sleep better at night if they had this feature.

The Corvette takes things a step further because the nose lift feature also has a GPS-based memory function, where the driver can store 1,000 locations and the nose automatically lifts without the driver needing to push a button. Ideally, you’d probably program it to remember your own house, the curb at your office, the one at the grocery store, your divorce lawyer’s office and that nasty new pothole that just opened up on the main drag.

Before nose lift systems, what did we all do? I always slowed to a crawl and approached at an angle, praying for the slight bump of the tire making contact first, not my bumper. We memorized all of the crappy curbs in our towns and specifically avoided roads with large potholes or speed bumps. We were obedient, well-trained.

Well, no more! Now we can train our Corvettes to save their own noses.

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