Every Vintage European Car Needs a Set of Magnesium Cromodora Stars

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Just as manners maketh man, wheels maketh car. No car is complete or correct without the right set of wheels. There exist several cars which are best known for the wheels they wear, and it wouldn’t do to change them, but many others can be elevated well beyond their station with a proper set of aftermarket good looking metal rounders.

Cromodora was an early pioneer in aftermarket high-pressure cast magnesium alloy wheel, while cross-Italy competition from Campagnolo was still making low-pressure cast wheels to a lower quality. As each magnesium wheel manufacturer developed a specific aesthetic style, Cromodora’s signature wheel, the so-called Star, shook out to take this five-spoke design that looks simple and elegant on many sports cars of the era.

While Cromodoras are often associated with Italian cars, often found on Alfa Romeos or Maseratis of the late 60s and early 70s, they can often look quite good on other European cars. I can’t recall ever having seen these wheels fitted to a Porsche 911, or a Triumph Spitfire, but now I want nothing else.


This particular set of wheels is available on eBay in a BMW size/offset/bolt pattern to fit E9s and E3s. I can only imagine how great these would look on a tastefully lowered E9. I’ll be dreaming about this tonight as I drift off to sleep.

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Well, my diva certainly wears her Cromodoras with pride.

That said, I d love to get her some 4-spoke Campagnolos, but they are crazy expensive.