This Is the Only Chevrolet C8 Corvette Interior Any of You Should Be Getting

All image credits: Chevrolet

Now that the 2020 Chevrolet C8 Corvette is real, we can spend the next few days and weeks poring over the specs, engaging in debates and looking at pictures of it. I spent most of last night looking at the pictures and I can confidently return to you and say there is only one interior scheme any of you should be concerned with.

It’s this one, pictured above. I believe it is called “natural.”

Until I see the color in person, I’m not sure if it’s a tan, gold or yellow. But either way! That color, when paired with the contrasting black detailing, would make the Corvette’s interior a reference to either a delicious beverage, a good song or another good song.


Normally, I find tan interiors boring, but this shade is more buttery and golden in color, which looks just tremendous with the black. And it’s not even really a lot of tan, is it? It’s mostly black with tan accents. The brushed silver trim is a nice touch, too.

The ceiling appears to be upholstered in tan Alcantara or suede, which I also love. Too many car ceilings are simply black or gray. We look up every once in a while and it’s great that there’s color up there to see, too.

Anyway, these are just pictures, but I definitely think the C8's interior is a step up from the rest of the stuff in the General Motors playbook.


It’s very early to be calling this kind of thing out, but I really do think this interior is one that will age very well. Black and tan is pretty timeless, after all.


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