Here's More Big Speed

A new dawn breaks. The world is as it was yesterday, and yet, not, for there is more Big Speed, and sideways action, bristling with electricity and noise. Here, now, take in the thundering wild of rally, Rally Estonia, Finnish driving, sideways driving, all wheels sliding with all-wheel drive.

The driver in question is the wonderfully quick Esapekka Lappi, the car is the Citroën C3 WRC.


Lappi is a young driver for the World Rally Championship, so it is nice to see that he made the podium with third overall for this 2019 running of Rally Estonia, won by Estonian driver Ott Tänak, with the good hair.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Every time I see footage of a rally car (or whatever) driving sideways/drifting at speed I can’t help but question whether it’s really the fastest way to traverse the course. Processing the image just doesn’t make sense. I mean I’m just a self-professed good driver, no pro racer by any means so I’m not actually passing judgement here and suggesting that I know how to drive faster and/or win more races than the people I see competing in the videos but to my little pea-brain this just seems like way too much resistance to be the fast track. Cool as hell anyway.