Polaris Slingshot Dealerships Will Teach You to Drive Stick This Month for Free

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Most of us can agree that driving stick, or at least knowing how, is a worthwhile investment of our time. It’s enjoyable, it can make a driver feel more focused on the road, and it’s a good skill to have. The act of learning, though, always comes with that one important question: Where will the sacrificial car come from?


“Sacrificial” might be a little dramatic, but if we’re honest, no one really wants to volunteer their own car for someone to beat up while they learn—no matter how often that person might preach the gospel of the manual. That click of the car stalling, after all, is the soundtrack of nightmares.

But this month, the car doesn’t have to be a concern. Polaris announced that for National Stick Shift Day, apparently something created by Cars.com in 2018, it’s giving out free lessons on how to drive stick at Slingshot dealers throughout July. The Polaris Slingshot is a five-speed manual, so there are plenty of sacrificial cars to go around. Bring the whole family, if you will.

Sure, the sales reps might try to get you to buy a vehicle while there, but “free” means free even when it’s a big scheme to get people in the door. Just nod and go home afterward, saying you’ll be in touch when you really won’t—so long as they didn’t get you to sign your name in blood anywhere. (Don’t sign your name in blood anywhere, in general. It seems like nothing good can come of that.)

Regardless, if ever was the right time to spread the joy of using a third pedal without sacrificing your own, it’s now. Go forth and share the wisdom.

Staff writer, Jalopnik


Scott Satellite

A salesman taught me how to drive a manual. It literally was the car of my dreams, priced better than I had hoped, and even in my favorite color. I promised to buy it if he could teach me to drive it, and he did.

It’s not a bad plan if you’re 100% sure about the car.