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After marketing director Liz "The Crusher" Vanzura had moved across GM from Hummer to Cadillac earlier this year, she came off the top rope and did a figure-four leg lock on Leo Burnett Detroit. Slicing the bux-ous Cadillac account in half, she gave a portion to Boston's Modernista!, an indie upstart agency that had done the impossible on Hummer's brand — refiguring it to attract urban women. Now, GM reports Modernista! will take over the entire account, with an eye toward expanding Cadillac's appeal from its current base (old white guys and young black guys) outward to encompass new demos, presumably more women, young white guys named "Jeff" and black marathon runners who volunteer at health-food co-ops. GM also wants us to know that Burnett will still be handling Pontiac and several other divisional accounts. So be it.

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