For 1990, General Motors introduced the world to the Isuzu-based Geo Storm. It was a deligtful economically minded lightweight sporty coupe, which was pretty well removed from anything else GM was doing in 1990. Of GM’s two youth-oriented sporty-ish wannabe Euro brands in the early 1990s, Geo was maybe sportier than Saturn. In 1991 Geo tossed a hatchback on the tail to give the rear seats more headroom and add some versatility to the storage area. It hits different.


I never really made the connection between a Geo Storm Hatchback and an MGB GT or a Volvo P1800ES, but Motorweek is onto something when they say that this is a spiritual successor to those 1960s be-hatchbacked coupes. This little car is an absolute banger, and even the non-GSi models with 95 horsepower are lithe and easy to toss around. A 10-second 0-60 time doesn’t seem like much in 2019, but that’s a problem with today’s thinking, not yesterday’s hardware. This car slaps.

This Geo Storm is it, chief. Not only does it look like a snack, but it’s the one true unit. After watching this video, the Geo Storm is a whole entire mood, you know? Instead of bringing back Hummer, GM needs to think about giving us a new Geo. A good idea gone too soon!

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