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Photo: West Vancouver Police

Everyone is excited when the first pick up their new car, especially if their new car is a McLaren 600LT. Then they’re really excited. Possibly medically excited. It’s pretty certain that the 39-year-old Vancouver-area new McLaren owner was pretty excited about his new purchase, because within 10 minutes of picking the car up, he was pulled over for excessive speeding and had his brand new car impounded.


After 10 minutes. I’ve crafted bowel movements that have taken longer than 10 minutes.

From the CBC:

The 39-year-old picked up his new supercar in West Vancouver on June 17. Local police said one of its officers spotted him racing west on Highway 1 just after 10 p.m.

The officer clocked the car’s speed at 161 km/h in the 90 km/h zone. When he pulled the driver over near Cypress Bowl Road, the man behind the wheel said he had left the dealership just 10 minutes earlier.


For us Americans, 161 kilometers per hour is about 100 miles an hour, and 90 kph is about 55 mph. That put him about 43 mph over the limit.

The car was only impounded for a week, and the driver was ticketed $368 for excessive speeding. All in all, I think the guy got off pretty easy, considering I happen to know someone who did jail time for some even less-dramatic speeding.

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