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Comment of the Day: Automation Is Wage Reduction

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Automation gets glorified in some circles and vilified in others, but really it’s just another management move like all the others. Which is why Jack Shaftoe’s comment on today’s The Morning Shift needs to be highlighted:


Automation is good, automation is bad, automation is coming, so we might as well have a universal basic income to deal with it. Or we can do nothing and just see how it plays out. Either way, here’s some music:

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Margin Of Error

It’s not like these robots won’t need maintenance, programming, enhancements/upgrades.

Skill sets are changing and people will have to adapt.

At the end of the day, low level jerbs are being replaced with more specialized ones.

I’m not an economist but many companies don’t mind spending a shitload of capex money if it can help reduce their operating costs.