The 2020 Hyundai Palisade is the automaker’s largest son ever. It has three rows of seats and comes in either all-wheel drive or front-wheel drive. And now we also have word on pricing.

I’ve copied Hyundai’s own chart below, but the cheapest Palisade—the SE trim that has FWD—starts at $31,550. The most expensive Limited trim with AWD starts at $46,400.


All of these prices exclude the $1,045 destination fee.

That makes the Palisade cheaper than its relative, the Kia Telluride ($31,690)! However, it does make it more expensive than the Chevy Traverse ($31,125) and the Honda Pilot ($31,450). As a huge, personal fan of the Traverse, I’d be eager to see what the Palisade offers that the Chevy doesn’t.

But! Hyundai says that the Palisade rides on an “all-new SUV chassis.” (That is, it’s new for Hyundai, but familiar to those driving a Telluride.) The V6 will put out 291 horsepower, which admittedly doesn’t sound like a whole lot for how huge the thing is, but it could be pleasant surprise.

I guess as far as SUVs go, this one isn’t awful. Its styling shows some restraint and it’s largely a boxy shape, which means that it probably won’t get tacky-looking too soon.

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