Weirdly Ford V Ferrari Is Called Le Mans '66 In The UK

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If you’re a racing fan in the United Kingdom you’ve probably figured this out already. But Ford V Ferrari, the upcoming new Matt Damon/Christian Bale film that recaps the time Ford whooped Ferrari’s ass at Le Mans FOR AMERICA, won’t have that title on your side of the pond. 


Jalopnik contributor and noted Englishman Alex Goy pointed this out on Twitter today, but over in the UK the movie is called Le Mans ’66 instead.

Here’s the trailer with the British title and everything:

I can’t find anything indicating why the title was changed for the British release. Maybe it was some kind of copyright issue. Maybe the “Ford beats Ferrari” thing is such a point of American pride that 20th Century Fox didn’t think it would resonate as well with British audience. Or maybe someone over there thought it sounds like a movie where Ford sues Ferrari, and decided that was dumb, which it is, just like Batman V Superman was dumb.

It’s not at all uncommon for movies to get title changes when they are released internationally. Aside from obvious cultural reasons, those changes can feel completely arbitrary. This Business Insider story has a few examples, like how The Avengers was called Avengers Assemble in the UK. Weird, right?

Anyway, British audiences get the film a week before we do, on Nov. 8. Regardless of the title I’m excited to see it.


I hear over there Matt Damon is called Sir Reginald Braithwaite, OBE, and all beer is legally required to be served warm.

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Here’s a take that’s apparently hot, but shouldn’t be:

Le Mans ‘66 is a way better name, and Ford V Ferrari is shit.