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The inheritors and improvers of Colin Chapman's wee rocket are, for the first time ever, offering 0% finance on a 24-month loan with 3,374 down and 399 a month for 24 months on all Rover K-Series powered models, presumably to clear them from stock as the company moves to a Ford-powered lineup. Caterham managing director Ansar Ali was quoted as saying, "Driving a Seven is all about the heart; excitement, passion and drama.

"With our outstanding 0% finance offer and breakdown cover, a Seven will also appeal to your head." Mister Ali, a Seven may appeal to one's heart, but nothing about it will ever appeal to one's head, unless one's life will depend on going around many corners at high rates of speed. It's one of the most irrational cars ever; the inverse of the H1. That said, we'd totally rather have a Seven than an H1. Even in LA.

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