Tracy Morgan Buys a Used Bugatti Only to Get It Sideswiped 30 Minutes Later

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Man, poor Tracy Morgan seems to have the worst luck with cars and driving, sometimes. It was about five years ago that a Walmart truck crashed into the bus he was in, severely injuring him. This accident, of course, is far less serious, but very news-friendly because it involves a Bugatti Veyron he only managed to drive a half mile away from the dealer before someone ran into him.


The car is a 2012 Bugatti Veyron that’s had a few owners already; our pal Bozi even found the CarFax on it:

We got the picture of the wreck up there from a reader named Todd who lives in the neighborhood in New York City where it happened, about a half mile away from Manhattan Motor Cars, where the car was purchased.

A Veyron already attracts some attention, even in New York, and a Veyron in a wreck attracts even more attention, and a Veyron in a wreck with Tracy Morgan in it gets even more. As a result, people saw and were concerned, prompting Morgan to tweet:

Really, the wreck looks pretty minor. The driver of the Honda CR-V involved in the wreck, 61 year-old Jocelyn Madulid, didn’t seem to know who Morgan was, and Huffpost reports that Morgan sort of lost it after the crash, and there’s a video of Morgan pounding on the Honda’s window, saying, “Bitch, get out of the car!”

No one has yet been cited for being responsible for the wreck, and I’m pretty sure Morgan will be able to fix his Veyron, which will live another day to creep along in Manhattan traffic at 1/1000th of its capabilities.



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Honestly, if I had JUST bought a Veyron and it got sideswiped by a CR-V, I probably would've had an identical reaction, if not worse.