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Just for gits and shiggles, here's a pic snapped by the sassy bloggers at Curbed (by way of the mother-site) — everyone's pretty sure it's on Elizabeth, just north of Houston. And we know the question you're thinking — how the hell did a Ford Focus owner pay for a parking spot in that part of town? We mean, the Benz Lexus Toyota {what do I know from foreign cars?? -Detroit Ed.} across the streat, tho' old, still fits better for the area — but a Focus — it's gotta be the cleaning lady. The nerve of some people, letting their maids park on the street — and in Manhattan no less. Inexcusable. We're calling their councilman.

Oh the yellow Power Wheel? Hell if we know.

"I'm Paying Out the Ass, but It's Just Too Good a Spot." [Curbed via Gawker]

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