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Thrill to the Charming Music Made by Hot Wheels Mustangs Hitting Xylophone Keys

Humans have been making music for thousands of years, and yet somehow it has taken us until the year of our Great Camshaft two thousand and one score less one until someone has figured out you can make sweet, sweet music by running Hot Wheels into xylophone keys.


The song was composed by someone called EmCee, and the rig itself appears to be interesting, formed by an array of Hot Wheels tracks that intersect the xylophone keys, which are hinged like flaps to let the cars pass through.

A total of 374 Hot Wheels ‘65 Mustangs are used, so I guess that means the composition has 374 notes in it.


The team that made this has a whole bunch more Hot Wheels videos that are pretty fun to watch, like this video of a jump over 100 Hot Wheels cars, complete with car POV views:

Anyway, fun stuff to start your weekend on the properly ridiculous note it demands.

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Cool, but Floppotron [a shitload of old computer disks linked up] playing Toto’s “Africa” still wins: