Acura Really Wants to See You in an NSX, Offers $20,000 on the Hood

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It’s hardly a secret that we really like the new NSX around here. It’s also not really a secret that Acura is having a hard time moving units of the quick hybrid supercar. In 2018, across the whole year, Acura only managed to sell 170 examples, and despite a revamp for the 2019 model year sales remain slightly soft. Acura really wants to move NSXs that have been piling up, and according to Intellichoice it is offering $20,000 in buying incentives.


While the NSX currently starts at $157,o00, after the incentive it’ll run less than a base model Audi R8 and only slightly more than a Porsche 911 GTS. Is twenty grand enough to sway the whims of someone seeking a six figure sports car? I’m inclined to believe it won’t, but I guess it could influence someone to make a purchase earlier rather than waiting around.

If you want a highly technologically advanced New Sports eXperience with three electric motors and all wheel drive, this is your only option on the dealer lot right now. Just make sure you order it in The Good Color (orange) because it’s super cool.

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I feel like the title of this article should be “You Should Buy An NSX Right Now, Asshole.” I have a feeling we’re all going to regret under-appreciating this car 10 years from now after it’s cancelled.