The New Land Rover Defender Is Being Track Tested at the Nürburgring?

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Screenshot: Automotive Mike (YouTube)
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Everyday we stray further from god’s light. Ah, just kidding, it’s 2019 we should all be too jaded to be offended by something like the Land Rover Defender being benchmarked on the Nürburgring. Really, it’s just hilarious.

Land Rover has published spy shots of its new off-roadiest SUV, the first real revision of the Defender pretty much since the name was introduced at the beginning of the ’90s, being tested on country lanes and rugged places like Moab, Utah. But I think this footage is the first time anyone outside the Jaguar Land Rover company has seen the camouflaged Defender prototype going fast.


I’m not really excited about the prospect of a high performance “Defender SVR,” if that’s what’s being teased here. But considering the fact that you can’t hear any exhaust noise over the tires begging for mercy in this clip, this might just be a regular old Defender anyway.

It’s pretty goofy to imagine trying to extract maximum on-pavement performance from a vehicle inherently ill-suited for that kind of driving, but then again, people are definitely going to end up breaking the speed limit in these so it makes sense that Land Rover would want to know how the thing handles at its limits... off-road and on.

Or maybe JLR’s test drivers just like to test how much tilting their stomachs can take.

Hat tip to Michael de Jong!

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whew, i was beginning to think they weren’t talking the defender seriously, but since i can they’re testing their off road icon on a racetrack i can now put those fears to rest.