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Hey Look, It's the One Personalized License Plate That's Actually Fun and Clever

Illustration for article titled Hey Look, Its the One Personalized License Plate Thats Actually Fun and Clever

Most personalized license plates are either inside jokes no one gets, tired jokes everyone’s sick of, or painfully convoluted ways to say something dirty without the DMV noticing. This plate, though, is very clever and fun, even if it’s sort of an extremely niche joke for design dorks like us.


As you can see, it’s just six letters: FFFFCC. While to many people that may just look like my high school report card, it’s actually three hexadecimal numbers that specify a color, via RGB (red, green, blue) values.


The red is set to FF (255), which is the maximum, the green to FF as well, and the blue at CC (204). When you mix those together, you get a sort of butter cream yellow, which is pretty much the exact color of that Toyota Van.

Well played, FFFFCC.

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son of a motherless goat (PSA: wash your hooves)

Aww hex, I’m #008000 with envy that I didn’t think of it first.