Reminder: Jalopnik's New York Sketchbattle Party Is TONIGHT! And You Should Come

The 2014 event in Detroit. Photo: Adriana Acosta
The 2014 event in Detroit. Photo: Adriana Acosta

We’re all familiar with New York City’s biggest problem: There’s nothing to do here. Restaurants, theater, museums, historic landmarks, parks... the city’s just not really known for those things. The New York Auto Show is trying to help this week, but we’re here to fix that problem with a giant-ass party. You should come.


We’ve covered the Middlecott Sketchbattle Championship—the big battle royale between up-and-coming car designers while fans look on and enjoy various libations—many times before, but this is the first time one is being held tonight in New York. And we’re hosting it at our headquarters near Union Square Park in Manhattan.

Just $10 gets you a ticket, and the best part is it’s all for charity. Proceeds go to the Bard Prison Initiative, which helps incarcerated people get college degrees to turn their lives around. (They had the debate team that took down Harvard’s a few years ago, and that’s a cause anyone should support.)

So it’s a great cause, with awesome young designers, and tons of your fellow like-minded car enthusiasts. And booze. What more do you want?

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Plus, our own Jason Torchinsky will be one of the judges for the event, so we’re doing our part to make sure the future of cars is somewhat interesting. Or at least squid-friendly.


Here’s all the details you’ll need to be there:

Where: Jalopnik HQ, 2 West 17th Street, NYC 10011 (17th Street and Fifth Avenue)

When: Wednesday, April 17, 2019 at 7 p.m. Tonight!

Who: You, me, us, good car people all around

How Much: $10 to get in

What You Get: Drinks, light apps, a chance to watch the Sketchbattle and hang with the Jalopnik crew, and proceeds go to charity


Where Do I Register?: Right here!

We’ve had questions about things like “attire” (whatever you want, really) or how “formal” it’s going to be (do you not know us? Come on.)


Email us if you have any questions, but we have plenty of space still available. Hope to see you there!

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The whole thing sounds sketchy to me.

Sorry, I had to.