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We knew this was going to happen. An embattled automaker that's also the nation's largest and a union fed up with the lies coming from the corporate office ready to shut the mutha down! Only wrinkle — who'd have thunk the country'd be South Korea and the company would be Hyundai. Unionized workers at South Korea's Hyundai plan to lay down their tools for 12 hours at three of the automaker's factories today in retalliation for rejecting the union's demands for a 9.1% increae in salary, higher incentives and better working conditions. The strike represents 73% of the total union workforce, or 31,934 workers and will result in around $38 million in lost production. We've always talked about exporting the "American Dream" — well, here's to exporting the parts we hold dearest — getting paid for not working. Let freedom ring, South Korea, let freedom ring.

Hyundai Motor workers begin partial strike for higher pay [Detroit News]

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