You Can Now Get The Morning Shift Delivered Straight Into Your Inbox

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You love the concept of “the news.” You love the concept of “Jalopnik.” You’re mildly unenthused by the concept of “the morning” and “emails that you need to read.” But combine all those things together, and you’ve got Jalopnik’s Morning Shift in your inbox every weekday.


We’ve had quite a few requests for this sort of thing over the past couple of months, and we’ve worked out some of the technical kinks to make it happen. All that means that you can now enjoy right in your email such gems as:

And the always classic:

Indeed, friends, never tweet. That’s just good old fashioned life advice tied in with all of your needed automotive industry news in The Morning Shift.


Want to get it beamed directly into your mindpalace and/or your email inbox every weekday? Just hit the sign up link right here.

First one goes out Monday.

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Jim Spanfeller

Hahaha, you’re not tricking me that easily! I did the weird thing and actually read the terms and conditions agreement and it says that if I subscribe to your little email list, you’ll give my email address to other companies so they can send me advertisements! I’ve already got too many companies emailing me and trying to sell me things I don’t want! I like Jalopnik, but I ain’t giving you my email address.