These Are the Best One-Year-Old Luxury Cars to Score Deals on in 2019

There are some cars like Hondas, Toyotas, and Subarus that aren’t always good choices to buy used. But when it comes to luxury brands a one-year-old car with not many miles on the clock can mean some serious value. A new study from reveals the cars that are most often flipped within a year.

As you can see the list is filled with mostly German and British cars with the Nissan Versa sneaking into the top ten. The most likely explanation for the luxury cars is that many of these models are used as dealer demos, then “sold” and moved into the used/Certified Pre-Owned fleet, which means you’ll find a large volume of barely used C-class, 3 Series, and small-to-midsize luxury crossovers on the used market.


The Versa is likely explained by the fact that it’s a bit of a penalty box, and people probably bought it because it was cheap, only to realize later it’s not the best car to live with.

But in general, if you are in the market for a lightly used luxury car this list is a good place to start.

In the number one spot is the Mercedes C class, but maybe you’re looking for a sporty coupe instead of a sedan. A C43 AMG has a starting MSRP of around $60,000, with well-optioned cars pushing into the mid $60,000 range. Here is a Certified Pre-Owned example with fewer than 5000 miles for just under fifty grand:


The BMW 3 series has been the benchmark for luxury sport sedans for a while, and even though an all-new model just arrived, the previous generation can still be a pretty good drivers’ car, though going for the turbocharged six-cylinder 340i can be a pricey option given the almost $50,000 starting price. But when depreciation is your friend. you can land something like this with less than 10,000 miles for almost the same price as a loaded Mazda6.


Some people need practicality over performance, however, and even though crossovers may not be the coolest car to park in your driveway, sometimes you want to treat yourself without blowing the bank. A Range Rover Discovery Sport SE will typically retail in the mid-$40,000 range. Or you can nab a certified pre-owned 2018 with about 6,500 miles on it for around $31,000.


Perhaps a used Rover isn’t your bag but you need something with cargo space that is a bit funky. The Mini Cooper Countryman S is a neat wagon that is fun-ish to drive, but the option packages can easily push the price into the mid-$30,000 range. However, given their high turnover rate, used examples with low can be found for under $25,000, even though most of them will unfortunately be equipped with automatic transmissions.


Again, these are just a sampling on how you can use the quick resale rate of some of the cars on that list grab excellent pre-owned values. Just keep in mind that pre-owned car shopping is very different than pricing a new car and it’s more about value than discount.


For more data on which SUVs, sports cars and pickup trucks get resold the fastest see the full report at

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