Dodge Built a Widebody Charger Because That's Just What It Does

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Rumors of a widebody Charger sedan being seen on the streets seem to have been accurate, as Dodge finally showed the car in public. The Widebody Charger was displayed during SoCal LX Spring Fest, a festival that is, you guessed it, all about LX-chassis MoPars. Technically FCA is calling the car a “concept” but it is quite clearly ready for prime time production.

Dodge’s modus operandi lately has been more and bigger and bigger and more. Throw more power at a chassis until it’s too much, then make it wider with more tire until it’s under control again. Lather, rinse, repeat. It would make a lot of sense for Dodge SRT to offer the widened fenders on the super sedan, being that the company commands a $6,000 premium for the Challenger Widebody models.

How long until we see a Charger Widebody Redeye? Fuck it, give us an 800 horsepower family sedan Dodge. You silly? Send it.


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Bradley Brownell

As a millennial, I desperately wanted to write something about this being a thicc heckin’ chonker, but I refrained.