Watch Tesla's Sentry Mode Catch Thieves Breaking In On Camera

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Screenshot: Now You Know (YouTube)

Tesla’s new Sentry Mode, which is designed to use the car’s cameras to catch thieves in the act of breaking into the car, was only introduced last month, but has already proven very effective.

Last month, Tesla introduced a new security feature on its vehicles which actively monitors the car’s cameras in a standby mode while its parked, and in the event it detects suspicious activity around the car, it records 10 minutes before and after the incident to hopefully catch the perp in action.

It seems to already be coming in handy for some unfortunate Tesla owners, whose cars have recorded people trying to break into their cars.


The video below from Now You Know should start at 11:36, which is where two clips of alleged attempted break-ins sent in to the show by a tipster are shown:

While it doesn’t look like breaking the small third window of the car set off the full alarm, the incidents did trigger both car’s Sentry Mode and recorded the thieves. According to the video, the clips were given to the police to assist in the investigations.

It would only be beneficial for more automakers to pick up this feature, especially as more companies adopt car-to-phone-app connections.

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