The Mid-Engine Corvette Will Keep the Stingray Name: Spy Shots

Photo: Stefan Baldauf
Photo: Stefan Baldauf

A few months back, we heard a rumor that there were photos of the interior of the C8 2020 mid-engine Corvette revealing the name of the car. It turns out the photos were real, and the name on the interior trim is, well—still just Stingray. Not Zora, not anything crazy like that. Just Stingray.


As photos published by Carscoops show, the interior of what pretty much has to be the mid-engine Corvette by now proudly displays the “Stingray” name on a panel between the two seats, a name which has previously been associated with the C2, C3 and C7 generations of the car. (You’ll have to click over to Carscoops, as the pics are their idea.)

Everybody thought it was going to be Zora. How cool would it have been for GM to not only finally put a mid-engine Corvette into production, but to also name it after Zora Arkus-Duntov, the Chevy engineer who took the Corvette concept from a roadster and turned it into a V8 powered sports car we know and love today? The answer is very cool.

Of course, we’re basing these assumptions off of a very clear spy photo, but a lot could change before the car is officially revealed. The automaker also applied for a trademark of the Zora name back in December, so they could have some plans for something not shown in these photos.

Carscoops also points out that there is a button with a “Z” label, suggesting GM could be reserving the Zora name for some other trim or feature of the car.

Of course, that Z could also just be for Z06 or ZR1, like the trim names on the current car.

Either way, when I first heard that there were photos out there that solved the mystery of what the C8 Corvette would be called, I was sure it would come to be the Zora name, and now it’s not looking so likely.


I’m a little disappointed, but there’s still time for that to change. The car is expected to be revealed at some point this year, that is if it doesn’t run into anymore reported development setbacks.

Hop over to Carscoops to check out the full gallery of photos.

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that zora duntov trotsky sounds awfully unamerican, like a commie false flag operation designed to drive this car’s customers away

the real trim levels:

Chevy Corvette Freedom

Chevy Corvette Troops

Chevy Covfefe Stand for the Flag Kneel for the Cross